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Ancient Messini Tours


Most of the area of Ancient Messene contains the ruins of the large classical city-state of Messene.Messene is a significant ancient city.Its natural setting combines the grandeur of the mountains of Delphi with the low-lying, riverine tranquillity of Olympia, the dominating bare limestone mass of Ithome, the site of the ancient acropolis, with the low fertile valley around the ancient city.

Ancient Messene tour ( 6 hours tour )

From Olympia the journey to Messene lasts 1 and 1/2 hr by car (around 95km.).You must have at least 6 hours free time to enjoy your tour to ancient messene, one of the best archaeological sites in the Peloponnese.

During the tour with the help of our driver guide (speaks English as well as other languages) you will visit :

  • The Archaeological site
  • Mavromati village
  • Ithomi mountain
  • The Arkadian Gate
  • The Theatre
  • Arsinoe Fountain
  • The Asklepieion
  • The Ekklesiasterion (assembly hall)
  • Along the tour you can Shop souvenirs and taste Greek traditional food and wine.
    If you want to visit the The Museum of Ancient Messena , you must have at least 8 hours because it is at Kalamata. And you must choose a mixed tour. Ancient Messene – Kalamata tours and not to worry about time.

Ancinet Messene and Ancient Olympia mixed tour ( At least 8 hours tour )

From Olympia the journey to Messene lasts 1 and 1/2 hr by car (around 95km.)

  • Olympia can also become your base for your ventures to the border region. It is only 33km from Katakolo port and village, 70km from the Temple of Apollo Epikourios, 30km from the Temple of Aphrodite, 57km from Ancient Ilida, 62km from Chlemoutsi Castle and many others.