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Ancient Sparta


Sparta was unique in ancient Greece for its social system and constitution, which completely focused on military training and excellence. Its inhabitants were classified as Spartiates.Meet the place where king leonidas and the 300 spartans of thermopylae were born.


Full day Tour

Sparta – Mystras – Gythion

From Olympia the journey to Sparta lasts 2 h and 45min (around 188km.).You must have at least 8 hours free time to enjoy your tour to ancient Sparta (“king leonidas and the 300 spartans”) – Mystra – Gythio, one of the best archaeological sites in the Peloponnese.

During the tour with the help of our driver guide (speaks English as well as other languages) you will visit :

  • Sparta
  • The King Leonidas I Statue at the Football stadium
  • The Museum of the Olive and Olive Oil: A very modern museum telling the history of the olive and olive oil throughout the world, but especially Greece.
  • The Archeological Museum: This has a nice collection of artifacts from around the area that are well worth checking out.
  • The Art Gallery of Sparta
  • Gythio : Walk along the water front, the sea is CRYSTAL clear here, you will see to the bottom and it makes for quite interesting conversation with small children.
  • Mystras: This Byzantine fortress town is still home to a few nuns and a whole lot of cool buildings and history. Not part of the ancient Greek tour it does though give you a neat take on 12th and 13th century Greece.
  • Gythio : The archeological Mani museum and archaeological site. Entrance fees: 5€
  • Along the tour you can Shop souvenirs and taste Greek traditional food and wine.

If you want to visit the The Museum of Ancient Sparta Gythio Mystra , you must have a full day plan to meet this great region in Greece. And you must choose a mixed tour or some of these.Please contact us.

  • Olympia can also become your base for your ventures to the border region. It is only 33km from Katakolo port and village, 70km from the Temple of Apollo Epikourios, 30km from the Temple of Aphrodite, 57km from Ancient Ilida, 62km from Chlemoutsi Castle and many others.